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Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams’s career in banking ended nearly thirty years ago when he decided to work for Chick-fil-A as a franchisee. He now has three stores under his care, and his years in leadership have given him an opportunity to lead differently. His philosophies and personal experiences as a business and community leader have given him a unique lens. His ultimate goal is to give everyone the same measure of irrational kindness he feels he's been given by God. Kevin’s view on kindness is life-changing. It changed his own life, and now he hopes to be able to change others with what he’s learned, which is why he spends individual time with his team in what he calls, “Coffee with Kevin” time to hear others’ dreams and encourage them. It’s also why he wrote his first book, titled Irrational Kindness. Borrowing from his Christian beliefs, Kevin explores the modern-day applications of ideas like “going the extra mile” and “loving your enemy.” These ideas are “ irrational” in the world’s eyes, but Kevin believes it starts with kindness to self. When we begin to be kind to ourselves, and to accept “failure” as a simple lesson that we can respond positively to, it makes it easier to get up and try again. We can give ourselves grace through slowing down. Once we learn to love ourselves in that way, we also begin to love others. He believes if we approach our world with genuine curiosity and care, we can lead with seeking to believe the best about others. This helps us empathize and connect with those around us. Kevin and his team wanted to help in any way they could when racial tensions peaked in 2020. He called a few local, historically Black churches to see how he could support them. They decided to do a “Better Together” march. Kevin says he’s made some great friends as he has sought to understand how he can help connect and unify the community. “A little vulnerability and openness goes a long way to establish deep friendships,” Kevin says. Because of his family’s personal experience with adoption (he covers this in his book) he donates all book proceeds to support families in crisis and fostered and adopted children in need. Another one of Kevin’s service projects includes building a center on family owned farm property for creative, engaging ministry opportunities. The farm they purchased has a 110-year-old barn on it, and they are about to finish an events pavilion for different community groups to host events.

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