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Casey Hughes

Casey Hughes

My wife and I were some of Pandowealth’s first customers. Jim was my financial consultant at Chick-fil-A before. That made it an easy transition for me to work with them. Initially, I was looking for help with 401ks as well as a way to pass down financial wisdom to my team. Jim and Daniel helped me set up a 401k that made sense for my business.

Since beginning with them, I have opened a second restaurant and we have now modified my 401K to better benefit my team and my family. Being a good financial steward is such a highly-held value within the Chick-fil-A community and a value I personally hold, so I really wanted to teach my team about tax strategy, maximizing their benefits, saving for retirement and leading generous lives. Understanding finances is a huge life skill, and since I don’t know if they’ve been able to learn this anywhere else, I wanted to give them the opportunity to learn at work. That will help them become better business professionals, and even help them overall in life.

With Pandowealth, we have been very intentional about looking at my family’s finances as a whole to make sure we are seeing the big picture. Many of the changes seemed minor, yet have saved me money in the long run. We have met via video chat often and they are always available when I call.

Good financial stewardship is crucial to being an Operator—even before you open a store. Working with Jim and Daniel only adds to that knowledge. They have helped me become more proactive about retirement and reaching my financial goals.

We all have other areas of life and business that require our attention, so having them focus on my finances and use their knowledge to make sure I’m maximizing what I already have has been worthwhile investment.

I’d rather let them handle it so I can spend my extra time growing my business and hanging out with my wife and four kids.

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