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Helping you and your team build a nest egg for a great financial future.

A Chick-fil-A Leadwell vendor serving 460+ Operators.
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Invest in your future

Use your incredible earning power today to make work optional sooner.

Save on Taxes

Government tax incentives with a 401(k) help you lower your tax burden and maximize your retirement assets.

Catch & Keep Top Talent

A 401(k) is a recognizable benefit that will help you find & keep higher quality, long-term team members.

Improve Your Net Worth

Thanks to FCR, the Additional FCR Expense bucket, & tax savings, most Operators improve their net worth simply by setting up a 401(k).

We are proud to have served our Chick-fil-A family and staff for over 25 years.

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Meet our Chick-fil-A Eggspert
Jim Rasmussen

Co-Founder | Chief Growth Officer

We help unscramble the complexities of retirement, tax savings, 401(k)s and more, because we speak Chick-fil-A.

@CFA, HR Payroll, and Data Feeds.

How FCR is affected

How to maximize your Additional FCR Expense reimbursement

401(k) provider and CFA systems properly communicate

How to setup FCR accruals when appropriate

How to generate census/payroll files

How to enter key info into HR payroll so that your 401(k) provider and CFA systems properly communicate

We have solid relationships and regularly consult with key stakeholders in Support Center IT and Payroll to simplify, streamline, and automate the retirement plan administration.
We can help ensure the flow of money from participant paychecks to your bank account to the 401(k) provider is seamless.

Making Your Life Easier

We use our intimate knowledge of Chick-fil-A processes to simplify the implementation and administration of retirement plans. We know what plan designs work best for Operators trying to save a little or a lot towards retirement. We also bring on the right service partners so you can focus on selling chicken. Finally, we continually help influence Chick-fil-A to make the payroll implementation smoother and more automated.

Don’t leave $ on the table. We can show you how.

You are able to get up to $16,500 in combined tax credits over the first 3 years of setting up a new 401(k) plan.

As an Operator, you can use your personal 401(k) contributions to maximize your Additional FCR Expense budget.

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We’ll help you decide which plan is right for you.

Examples of how much you could put away each year.

*Per person. Based on 2023 numbers.


$6.5k - $7.5k

Simple IRA

$15.5k - $19k


$22.5k - $30k

Profit Sharing

$66k - $73.5k


$69k - $412k

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Includes a detailed Cashflow, FCR, Tax Savings, and Net Worth Improvement Analysis.

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