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Ben and Jen

Ben and Jen

Before deciding to work with Pandowealth we considered a couple different advisors. One important reason we landed with Pandowealth is that because they are former Chick-fil-A employees and we are a current Chick-fil-A Operator family, Jim and Daniel have a unique understanding of the inner workings of Chick-fil-A. They know how we can structure our finances around Chick-fil-A's programs, tax structures, business model, and other unique opportunities. This is not something other advisors were able to take into account in the same way.

Pandowealth also understood the importance we place on generosity and not just building a financial kingdom for ourselves. We find ourselves making more money than we ever expected and we want to be faithful with what we have been given and steward it well. They have helped us structure giving into our financial goals alongside retirement, college savings, etc.

We also appreciate the fact that instead of receiving a commission on our earnings they are a fee-only company. There are no hidden charges; they are up front about their fees. This helps us trust that they have our family’s best interest in mind. We have found their personable approach unique for a financial firm and really enjoy that they have gotten to know our whole family.

It has all been so worth it to us.

* All testimonials have been provided by real, current clients. No client was compensated for providing these testimonials. Pandowealth. LLC gained each client's permission to publish their testimonial.

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