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CFA Support Staff + Spouse

CFA Support Staff + Spouse

My wife and I have received counsel for the stewardship of our finances from Pandowealth for almost two years, and we couldn’t be more pleased! Pandowealth has a method of comprehensive retirement planning structured to involve every financial source and income stream we have. Jim Rasmussen has wisely advised us and helped us create projections regarding how to achieve our financial goals.

This strategic planning includes insurance, investing, estate planning, tax planning and more. Jim continues to be exceptionally thorough and easy to understand as he assists us with our goals. While we were already disciplined and financially generous, we did not understand how to assess present value or risk tolerance. Jim has been able to talk us through these important factors, enabling us to harness that information to align with our goals.

Within three to six months of repositioning some of our investments, we saw a huge increase in our net worth. One of our primary financial goals has been to be in a position to maximize our stewardship and be in a position to retire, when we choose to do so.

In addition to trusting the staff at Pandowealth, it was also reassuring to us to know that their staff do not receive percentages of earnings. They have faithfully put our best interests first throughout our relationship and we highly recommend them!

* All testimonials have been provided by real, current clients. No client was compensated for providing these testimonials. Pandowealth. LLC gained each client's permission to publish their testimonial.

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