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Hope 2 Africa

Hope 2 Africa

During a church mission trip to South Africa, Becky Harris led a performance and arts outreach group. As she traveled between villages with her team, Becky noticed small, impoverished communities along the roadside where people lived in tarps and cardboard shelters. These “squatter villages” sparked an intense desire to share the love of Christ with the beautiful people she was there to serve. Flying home, the Lord gave her a vision for a way to minister to teenagers and their families, and it has grown beyond her wildest expectations. She started Hope2Africa—a street music and drama performance group working predominantly among the Zulu people of South Africa. The group is composed of local youth and meets every Friday for rehearsal, Bible study, and a shared meal. They perform at least once a month in different communities, with crowds gathering together to enjoy the program and hear the Gospel. Currently, the Hope2Africa staff and leadership team is composed of many young adults who have grown up in the program. One area of multiplication especially close to her heart is My Brother’s Table. A carpentry skills training shop that serves a twofold purpose: to train young men who are at risk of addiction, and to provide tables for impoverished families who otherwise would not have a place to gather. The families participate in sanding their own table, and during the process of this connection, the family forms friendships, ownership of the table, and knowledge of the Gospel. These carpenters for Christ hone new life skills as they pour into one another through relationships in their communities. Of late, because of COVID-19, Harris says her team and staff have been able to meet more community needs through a monthly food delivery outreach. Her compassion and heartfelt generosity have been a blessing to so many. God continues to grow Hope2Africa and My Brother’s Table. They now have nine staff members that were one-time youth members of their ministry. They believe the best way to reach South Africa and beyond with the Gospel is through the indigenous people.

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