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Chick-fil-A Joe

Chick-fil-A Joe

Chick-fil-A franchises operate differently from most other fast food chains. Falling somewhere between owners and managers, Chick-fil-A operators are given a certain amount of autonomy with how they run their business and support their team. One of our operators, Joe, has made some incredibly generous, team-building choices and we would like to share his story: Joe started as a Chick-fil-A team member nearly 20 years ago. As a teen, he recalls his family working nonstop to provide for their needs. Times were tough and to make ends meet, all the kids pitched in and worked to put food on the table. As a young team member, Joe’s boss (an operator whom he admired) began to personally mentor him, teaching him money management and wise stewardship. Years later, Joe applied for, and was granted, his own Chick-fil-A store. He wanted to offer as much opportunity to his staff as possible and, because of his personal experience, decided to do this through different mentorship programs, financial scholarships, and meaningful benefits and gifts for his team. Now, Joe and his family set aside an extra 4% to go directly into a fund to help Chick-fil-A team members, in addition to the 10% they tithe to their church. Joe pays higher wages than normal to make sure that his team doesn’t have to worry about basic life necessities. Additionally, this year, he and his team have worked tirelessly for a few “extras” as gifts, and an additional paid day off for Christmas. He offers 401(k) options in healthcare, and if extra expenses arise, he offers no-interest loans with budgeting classes for added instruction in money management. On one occasion, a team member experienced unexpected car trouble with an expense of $4000 she didn’t have. Joe’s fund was able to provide her a no-interest loan, with the understanding that she would attend their financial principles classes. With the skills she gained in her classes, she created a monthly accountability budget, helping her to save for those “rainy day “ problems. Another team member was helped with rent to get her into a stable living situation, buy furniture, and set up a new apartment. Joe does everything he can to make his team members' lives better because he remembers the struggles he and his family endured. He strives to ensure that each team member will have more opportunity then he did, remembering the kindness an operator once showed him. We are proud to know Joe and to be able to help support him in choosing benefits and operating as a personal and business CFO for him.

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