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Pt 3 Get Started with Giving: Legacy Mindset

Pandowealth | Legacy Mindset
April 19, 2021

Money is a tool. It shouldn’t control us, but empower us. Living with a giving mindset is not only a way to ensure it doesn’t control us, but it also sets us up to leave a financial legacy. Spending our treasure (wealth) here on earth is a fleeting investment; alternately, giving is described as storing up heavenly treasure. Changing our perspective in this way makes it much easier to view our money as a tool to help others instead of hoarding it all for ourselves.

Focused Giving

We encourage focused giving. If our giving is spread out in small amounts to various organizations or causes, the impact of each donation may not be as significant as we would like to believe. Think about it: giving $25 to ten organizations over the course of a year versus giving $2500 to one, purposed cause, is very different. Consider if this principle was implemented over the course of a lifetime! Focused giving can truly make a difference.

Dream Big

Without focused giving, it can be hard to envision big giving dreams. When we do practice focused giving, we can see how the small amounts each month turn into something huge over time. That shift can open up a world of dreaming to us because we realize we have the capacity to contribute in a substantial way. It helps us to believe that our giving will truly be impactful. And when we dream one big goal, it will lead to more.

Pandowealth has dreamed something really big: we are on a crazy mission to partner with every one of our clients to collectively give away $100 million in the next 10 years. We believe in the power of giving so much that we are challenging every client to be a part of something bigger than themselves and something that’s generally only possible by working together. Dreaming big goals like this encourages us to keep our eyes focused on a giving mentality in all we do. 

Leaving a Financial Legacy

What does it mean to leave a financial legacy? It could look like leaving your estate to family or an inheritance to your children. What if your legacy was broader? Over the course of your lifetime, your focused giving will have provided for individuals that you never met, improved communities in ways that you may never fully understand, and spread hope to degrees you didn’t imagine.

But one day, heavenside, you will see the vast ripple effect of your generosity. This is your heavenly treasure, your legacy in heaven. On earth, you will be remembered, but in Heaven you will be rewarded. 

Live well, give generously.

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