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Pt 2 Get Started with Giving: Giving First, Living Last

Pandowealth | Giving First, Living Last
April 16, 2021

Traditional financial models place giving as last on the list of recommended priorities. Often in this scenario, with giving prioritized last, we find we do not have enough money left over to consider giving, which lends to the belief that we cannot afford to give. However, it isn’t about what you can afford but more about what your priorities are. We have chosen to build our business around a different model- giving first.

We find that many people are so worried about their future, like retirement, that they don’t understand their capacity to give. Before we lay out a giving journey for each client, we work to remove any obstacles that are hindering their giving, including showing them a pathway to their retirement goals. Planning and giving are not mutually exclusive. God promises provision, and yet also instructs us to live generously. 

First-Fruits Giving

Giving first is a principle we see in the Bible known as “first fruits”. We see it modeled first in the book of Genesis through Cain and Abel, when Abel brought the literal first fruits of his garden to the Lord, and Cain brought “some fruits”. 

In fact, the laws of Moses eventually directly incorporated first-fruits offerings into the traditions of the Hebrew people. It is such a deeply-rooted concept! Generosity is a core value that God has always interwoven into the stories of his people, and we believe in continuing these values in our modern financial system.  

A Giving Lifestyle

Any gift, large or small, is always welcomed. We are all at different places in our giving journey. Giving is ultimately about motivation and intent, not always literal timing or amount. There are simply principles and emphasis to be learned from traditions and overarching biblical themes.

Living a lifestyle of giving is not something we arrive at overnight; it takes place in small, daily choices just as much as the big, long-term giving decisions. Each time we take the opportunity to be generous, we are creating a new life rhythm that moves us forward towards even more generosity. 

A Demonstration of Trust

Prioritizing giving first and living last is definitely not a societal norm; it has roots in the countercultural, generosity-filled gospel. Generosity is gospel culture! When we place giving first, we are not only demonstrating obedience, but also our gratefulness for God’s provision and supply. Living with a giving mindset shifts our perspective from “I have to provide for myself” to “God supplies all my needs”. It frees us to cheerfully give of our treasure and live the life that is truly life!

Live well, give generously.

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