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Pt 1 Get Started with Giving: Why Do We Give?

Pandowealth | Why do we give?
April 15, 2021

Generosity is one of our core values, to the point that we have designed our business model around helping others give like they have always wanted. As former Chick-fil-A and WinShape employees, we have seen, firsthand, the power of prioritizing giving first. Chick-fil-A provided a solid frame of reference for us as we started our company. 

Giving is a mindset and a practice, that, when pursued, creates changes within us that ultimately domino to those around us. There are intrinsic and extrinsic benefits, as well as motivations, to giving. We give because, as Christians, it is an important part of our faith. We also give because it is a personally fulfilling way to live and experience more joy.

It is Biblical

We can see the theme of generosity run through the entire Bible. In the Old Testament, God laid out specific commands allowing provision for the poor. In the New Testament, He speaks of His eyes being on the smallest sparrow and gives us many examples of how His heart is with the widows, orphans, and those in physical need. The Bible also says that when it is within our power to give to our neighbor, we should. As Christ-followers, adopting a giving mentality is a natural part of our journey.

But if we only give out of obligation or rules, we are missing a key element: the joy that comes from genuine giving. The nature of genuine giving is that it actually produces more joy in our lives than a forced or “because I have to” mentality.

A Pathway to Joy

Have you ever met an unhappy, generous person? God has designed us to live generously. That is why our firm verse is built upon 1 Tim 6:17-19. He has wired us to receive internal satisfaction and contentment when we give out of the portion he has already given to us. 

As many already know, the Lord loves a cheerful giver. Giving from a genuine place is truly in line with the heart of God. And there is a pattern we see in giving: the more we give, the more cheerful a giver we become.

Working to Give

When we begin to experience the joy that giving produces, it transforms our mindset from “working to live”, to “working to give.” In the big picture of life, what do you work for all day long? What are the results you are hoping for? Is there purpose beyond provision and enjoyment? 

When we begin to work to give, we gain a whole new motivation to succeed and work hard. The question shifts from “How much do I give?” to “How much do I keep?”. This begins to have a profound impact on the legacy we leave behind and the joy we can experience through extravagant generosity.

As you think about your generosity journey, we recommend choosing one, two, or three organizations you are passionate about and focusing your impact on them. Focused giving has greater impact. Do you have a percentage or dollar amount in mind that you want to give to these organizations? Whatever your plan is, we are here to help show you how you can increase your giving to experience more joy, while also making progress towards building wealth for generations to come.

Live well, give generously.

Pandowealth | Why do we give?

Jim Rasmussen

Co-Founder | Chief Growth Officer

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